Roy Moore isn’t about “Right v. Left” it’s Right versus Wrong. Come on, Alabama.

Let’s be honest about what this polls says. And Alabama: PLEASE. Be better.

A smallish rant about Roy Moore, Alabama and the state of politics today. And a request to Alabama.

I understand this is a deep red state. I understand this is a deep red Senate seat. I am not under any illusions it was ever destined to be anything but.

And I expect this seat to be held by a Republican after the 2020 election. It’s Alabama. They are deeply, deeply conservative.

So this isn’t an opportunity for a “pick up” a seat. I’m not rooting for Jones because I think it’s the beginning of some weird Democrat dynasty.

I’m not rooting for Jones to stick it to the GOP, or because I think it’s going to help Dems in the senate. It won’t. McConnell is rolling over norms and does not care about democracy.

I am rooting for Jones because Roy Moore was unfit for this office BEFORE he was nominated, and more so now.

I refuse to believe that Roy Moore is someone people WANT to represent them. In the face of what we know, to deny it is to be complicit with it. Or worse, condone it.

Alabama, you have a choice. And this choice will define both you as a state AND the GOP as a party.

With all of the credible, truthful, sourced allegations against Roy Moore — note he has not sued — are you truly going to put a child predator in the Senate?

In 2020, you can put Sessions back in. Or some other person that appeals to regional sensibilities. I expect that. I expect that person to be a Republican.

But not this guy. Not this terrible man with a terrible past who will be a terrible stain on the Senate AND our democracy. /

This isn’t “Right v. Left,” it’s “Right v. Wrong.” In 2020, we can go back to “Right v. Left” and Alabama? You can beat the living crap out of the left.

But in nine days, you can stop Moore, stop this travesty. I hope you will. Because he will embarrass you. Every day he sullies that office.

Please: Be Americans. Not Partisans. On this issue, it doesn’t get more clear cut. With that, have a good Sunday.