Trump tweets like an abusive father after a “hard day” at work.

If he hasn’t already hit you, it’s coming.

President Bad Dad finds some new people to abuse. Today, it’s Puerto Rico who had the gall to interfere with his golf weekend.

Before that, it was the Transgender community.

Today is was the Muslim community and specifically England because he didn’t like not being invited to the royal wedding.

That’s his M.O. — get up angry, take it out on somebody.

If you haven’t been hit yet, it’s coming. What will you do?

Trump tweets like an abusive father. Bad day at work over healthcare? Take it out on someone else. Anyone else.

The mayor of #PuertoRico wasn’t attacking Trump. She was begging for help. That he saw this as an attack means he knows: He’s at fault.

This is where social services should step in, but that’s Paul Ryan’s cowardly, complicit congress. So President Abusive Dad continues. But rather than even squeak out an “I hear you,” America’s Deadbeat Dad does what he does best: Lashes out in anger after a hard day.

All Trump wanted was a nice morning of golf, but this humanitarian disaster is inconveniencing him. So he lashes out. Throws a backhand.

Muslims. Mexicans. Women. Persons of Color. Transgender soldiers. Puerto Rico. England. President Bad Dad has a backhand for everyone if he has a bad day.

Only Trump could make himself the victim of a humanitarian crisis 4000 miles away.

And if you think you’re safe, wrong. That’s you, rust belt. Coal workers. Opioid victims. Trump voters. President Bad Dad is coming for you too.

You or someone you love will be hit by President Bad Dad, so maybe it’s time the 34% still delusional and “approving” WOKE UP.

Economics doesn’t trickle down. But hate does. And it’s coming from the rotting orange fish head at the top,

President Bad Dad is poisoning the house we call America. One target, one angry backhand at a time. We need to protect each other.

Get involved. Locally. Nationally. Somehow. Be an ally. Or you’re a Florida teen filming someone drowning, thinking you’re safe.

I still believe America is better than this, But people need help now. Pick your fight, fight it IRL. Where President Bad Dad lives.

There’s work to do. And all you have to do is be kind and resolute to get it done. That includes me… so, peace. Be back later.

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