While you were distracted by Trump lies: He’s re-instated a draft.

The march for war starts here.

Trump new EO allows him to yank 1000 pilots from civilian life back to service. Lke a draft. Your kids are next. Not his, mind you. Yours.\

“Back into military service” is another way of saying “Draft”

Remember, it took 30 minutes before FRENCH aircraft gave our service men in Niger back up, and then a CONTRACTED UNARMED HELICOPTER came to pick up the soldiers KIA.

Four soldiers dead. One possibly left behind, alive. Poor planning and a mission that went awry. You know if Obama or Clinton had… Ah, Jesus, I can’t even get the words out anymore.

This draft EO happened and you missed it. Why? It happened as Trump lied about his call to a grieving widow then lied about Rep Wilson. Then sent Kelly with lies and/or mistruths. Then made of Rep. Wilson’s hat. Then Trump tweeted about her.

They have this down to an art.

The Trump process: Disaster in eight steps

And it works: Trump is gearing for war. Why else does he need 1000 air force pilots to be ripped from civilian life? Meanwhile, USA Today’s hot take? The flight between Roswell & Bismarck might cost more.

War is coming.

A draft is being re-instated.

Meanwhile, the GOP is pushing through their dystopian budget and a million other horrible things are happening and this sociopathic liar of a tyrant hasn’t even been in office for a year.

And the media:

What a sad, disgusting, embarrassing series of days.

And Amy Siskind’s list hasn’t even come out yet.

Hang in there, America. It’s going to get worse before it gets worse.

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