Diederich College of Communication: Brian

“The opportunities here have been really cool to me. We’ve been supported, and we’ve had access to things here because faculty have seen what we can do and trusted us with that access. They guided us, but they also let us figure it out on our own.”
“I don’t think I’d have these opportunities at similar universities. The fact that I was able to get into upper-level classes so early and show my skill set as a sophomore — this was an advantage that I wouldn’t have had elsewhere.”

Brian Georgeson is a current senior studying Digital Media. The projects he’s referring to include an opportunity to travel with a class to Texas as a sophomore to work on a documentary of a former Marquette football player, then another opportunity to collaborate independently with other students on a Bleautaux documentary — for those who don’t know who Bleautaux is, he’s a past mascot of the university. You can view his Doomsday Warrior documentary here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtuZt5Oqdng

Marquette prides itself on getting students into major-relevant courses as early as their first semester of freshman year. The chance to take classes specific to Digital Media meant Brian was able to get in on huge projects — like cross-country documentaries — as early as sophomore year. Learn more about the College of Communication’s curriculum: http://diederich.marquette.edu/COC/Academics.aspx