The Greatest Moment in America is Coming

You should watch the presidential debate, because we as a country could be heading toward a moment that you do not want to miss.

The question: Will Donald Trump will have the nerve during that first debate to claim once again that he was against invading Iraq and has always been against the war. The biggest story from the campaign over the last five days has been Matt Lauer being deservedly lambasted by all of his peers for not calling Trump out when he repeated this lie last Wednesday during a nationally televised interview with Lauer.

Because of this, the national discourse surrounding this issue has not been focused on whether Trump lied, which he did, it has been empirically proven, but rather the media’s attention and therefore, the nation’s attention, has turned to the debate moderators and whether it is their responsibility to call out Clinton or Trump if they say something that is demonstrably false. The example that is most often given when discussing what the moderators should or should not do when one of the nominees lies, has been Trump’s lie about his stance on the Iraq invasion in 2003. If he says something that outrageous, is it the moderator’s job to stop him and say that’s not true?

So what happens when he repeats that very same lie? We are heading toward what could potentially be the weirdest, most awkward and most awesome moment in election history. (maybe a bit of an exaggeration, but not that much). Will Trump repeat this lie knowing it is the one lie that the moderator will be FORCED to call out and say ‘that’s not true, their is evidence that shows it is not true.’ What happens after the moderator says that? Does Trump stand there in front of the country and keep up this farce even his supporters probably just wish he’d drop? It’s not like they care what Trump has done, is doing or will do.

For the past week, whenever the issue of how much policing the moderators should do is brought up, this is THE lie-, the ‘what if’ scenario. So if he sticks with it, why even bother continuing on with the debate? I mean, if the candidate is going to tell lies he knows are lies, and his opponent knows are lies and the moderator knows are lies and his supporters know are lies, why debate? Nothing that is said means anything after that.

It’s not that Trump hasn’t made a mockery of our election process already, it’s that, if he decides to go down this road, he will be making the mockery official. It will effectively be the end of American democracy as we know it. If this event that I have described occurs and it remains a tight race and election, people will have officially said, ‘Nothing matters, we don’t give a shit. You can lie to us all you want, we’ve already decided we’re going to believe you. It’s just easier that way. Truth, reality, Lies, fiction, it’s all the same to us. If someone says it, it must be true.’ And that will be how America ends, by finally voting for ‘we don’t give a shit about anything.’