Vore Knight

(Needs a real name)


He’s usually clad in armor, with a round breastplate, and a large helmet, shaped like a old fashioned cauldron! The horns on it are shaped like the spout of a drip tea kettle, but larger at the base, narrowing into the points.

The helmets top is open, with a large pot lid, that doubles as a large shield, should the need arise for it. The helmet itself is attached/clipped to the armor, so he can turn his head upwards inside it, lowering people in, into his mouth.

The bottom of the helmet, where he puts his head in, is usually covered as well with another attachable cover, that is used as a smaller buckler while in use. The visor that he looks out of also can be covered, (we’ll get to why in a bit!) and is used to clip the helmet on to the armor, so that it doesn’t tilt or fall off while in combat…

While off-duty, he can be found wearing tunics and vests, usually somewhat ill fitting, as his size fluctuates frequently from his gluttonous tendencies, and cloth breeches, and either barefoot or in comfortable loose shoes. He usually keeps his helmet on at all times, unless alone in the wilds, or with someone very close to him, but even then rarely.

Vore Knight: What does that even mean?:

The Vore Knight is just your average knight, in many respects! He’s tasked with peacekeeping, taking care of brigands and monsters that prey on the people of the land. He’s not the type to be sent to massive battles, or fight dragons, usually, but to travel the roads and keep them clear of danger, or protect the smaller towns that lay around the kingdom.

His way of fighting is usually with his fists and shields, fighting his opponents until he gets a good grip on them, or tiring them out enough for “transport”.

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