A Day in the Life of a Red Klean Kanteen

Being a reusable water bottle in a society where plastic bottles are everywhere can be tough. The inconvenience of having to be carried around can discourage even the sturdiest water vessel. If you are a Klean Kanteen however, life can become simpler, especially if you are red.

When you are Klean Kanteen, there’s nothing better than getting to see the sights of Santa Barbara. Be it the change collecting inventions by the pier, or simply happy tourists, it’s all good.

You see, when you are a red Klean Kanteen, you get to tag along to all the adventures that your owner experiences. You get to go to class and learn about the world, you get to go to yoga and learn how to breathe properly, or you get to go and grab drinks with your owner’s friends.

Sometimes the world can seem to be a very scary place, especially if you’re only a small, aluminum bottle. But with the secure grip of it’s owner, it doesn’t have to fear for anything.

The inventors of the red (although they have many other colors too) Klean Kanteen began their quest in 2002, when they realized that water in plastic bottles isn’t good for humans. Many generations later, the red Klean Kanteen was born and adopted by its current loving owner.

An obvious part of being a water bottle in Santa Barbara is to go to the different wineries. For example Deep Sea Winery out on Sterns Wharf.
A very important part of being a reusable water bottle is that you have to be there for your owner no matter what. You don’t have to say anything, just be there for support. Especially when the owner doesn’t understand how to use Tinder. Then it is extra important.

The red Klean Kanteen isn’t just around to be pretty, it serves a greater purpose than that (even though it is quite fab to look at). The average American uses 167 bottles of water a year, and only recycles 38 of those. The red Klean Kanteen helps prevent the unnecessary purchase of bottled water, and as a result it makes a big difference for the environment. And with a lifetime warranty, the red Klean Kanteen will help save the environment for many years to come!

Sometimes you don’t even have to contain water. When glasses are provided for your owner, all you have to do as a water bottle is to join the crowd and look pretty. Relax for a moment.
You know that where ever you go, your owner will not forget you. She will not give you up, and she won’t throw you away. Because you have been there for her, and she will be there for you.

The red Klean Kanteen will stand by you when you have beers with friends, when you wake up the day after with a slight hangover, when you are sweating it out at the gym, or when you have tacos at your favorite taqueria. No matter what, it will have your back (and your beverage) covered.

A red Klean Kanteen will always be there, even if it is in the background sometimes.
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