I know that you will ignore all of this and return to the Hillary hate fest.
Amber Lisa

I see that Caitlin has responded with clear concision while I was trying to organize my thoughts after wading through your mishmash of accusations, for which I sincerely thank her. I’ll just add a couple of thoughts.

  1. I don’t know what your social media feed is like or how you choose what to read in the media, but I certainly see plenty of hate for Trump along with strongly worded criticisms of everyone involved in his administration. There is also plenty of hate for the Republicans who are making a mockery of our government. Whenever Dick Cheney rears his ugly head, I at least see cries of outrage expressed from those of us who found Hillary’s similar warmongering a source of deep concern. It goes without saying that those criticisms are well deserved. Your complaint that no one criticizes them is ludicrous.
  2. At the same time, “hundreds of men who do the same thing” weren’t running for president; she was. It is the responsibility of a voter with a conscience to criticize a candidate on issues of importance. It is disingenuous to claim that she was singled out. Of course she was, because she singled herself out by being a candidate. But the Democratic Party, Hillary’s campaign flunkies, and her supporters are still sending out a steady stream of accusations that those of us whose consicences didn’t let us vote for her are somehow responsible for all the ills in our society and for having unleashed the devil on the country. Caitlin was responding to one of the more vociferous and obnoxious of them, someone with a powerful soapbox among liberals (although I’m at a loss to know why).
  3. Finally, calling attention to the dangerous and dishonest Russia narrative, discussing the consequences of this country’s long-standing militarism, and pointing out the rampant corruption of our political system are in no way incompatible with caring about our country’s racism, racist police state, economic injustices and, yes, even real feminist causes. I post on social media about them and discuss them with friends. But we all set priorities, and Caitlin is here keeping a laser focus on the issue of whether we’ll destroy the world and ourselves in a nuclear holocaust. That seems like an excellent priority to me.
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