But criticizing her AD NASEAM, when hundreds of MEN are doing the same?
Amber Lisa

True, Hillary hasn’t been held to the same standards as others. For just one example, the way she was given a pass on her obvious law breaking in the email fiasco she created and did everything possible to hide. Others have lost their jobs and are sitting in prison for far less serious offenses. You don’t find Comey’s letting her off because she couldn’t have bothered her little head with learning the actual laws and regulations, and didn’t “intend” to do anything wrong, suggesting you can’t expect as much from a muddle headed little lady Secretary of State as you do from some low level clerk, isn’t sexist? The law is clear that intent isn’t required and others’ lives have been ruined and will be ruined in the future as Comey made clear. But on this issue, I think sexism couldn’t hold a candle to the corruption of our justice system that has one standard for the rich and powerful like Hillary (and her gender didn’t hurt her here) and another for the rest of us. And, yes, there was some sexism around the edges during the election, but criticizing her as a candidate on her policy positions, her scary warmongering and her arrogant, dishonest, incompetent campaign was not among them. Personally, as an older woman who has for years insisted on the importance of proclaiming myself a feminist, I have found the non-stop screaming by Hillary’s campaign and her supporters of sexism in response to legitimate concerns and criticism almost enough to make me deny that I am a feminist.

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