They Love It, Smoke It, and Support It! A list of fighters who support cannabis.

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In this list, I have gathered some of the most recognizable faces and names in the UFC that have been tied to the medicinal herb one way or another. Weather they got busted from a drug test, are involved in the cannabis industry, post photos online stoned, or openly use it and support it’s use for a greater cause. Though there are much more than 10 fighters out there that use marijuana, this list will show just how far up the ladder the usage goes. Some of the names you may know, others may surprise you. Without further a due, let’s dive into this list starting at Number 10!

10. Matt Riddle

Photo Credit: HighTimes Magazine

March 2014 Issue

Though Matt Riddle isn’t one of the most well known or skilled fighters to grace the octagon, he was however a major supporter of cannabis and very well could have been one of the first UFC fighters to open up about using it while under contract with the UFC, he was also the first and the only fighter to get dropped from the promotion during a 4 fight win streak due to his use of medical marijuana. The TUF 7 contestant made his UFC debut at just 22 back in 2008, going a 6–3 before failing drug test after his last fight for the UFC. His last 2 wins were overturned to no contest after failing post fight drug test. He is an avid supporter still to this day and says that marijuana helps him recover and sleep, he holds a medical card in the state of Nevada allowing him to use it for medicinal purposes.

9. Jake Shields

Photo Credit: Cannathlete via Seibo Shen

Jake Shields is one of the most surprising people on the list, but when you realize he spends most of his time training with the Diaz Bros it all makes sense. He is a HUGE supporter of athletes using cannabis and is part of Cannathletes, an organization that promotes athletes who use cannabis and sponsors cannabis friendly athletic events like Jiu Jitsu competitions and the 420 Games, which is like the olympics for cannabis users. Cannathlete has opened the Power Plant Fitness Center which is San Francisco’s first cannabis friendly gym sponsored by them. Jake himself can be seen wearing the apparel and attending the events and talking openly about how it helps athletes at seminars and conventions in the California. Much respect to Jake for coming out in full support and doing his thing.

8. Brandon Vera

Photo Credit: Kannaway via YouTube Video

Brandon Vera is one of the more active supporters on this list, he’s been featured in talks and interviews with the the CEO of Kannaway, a company that produces CBD rich suppliments and beauty products under the Cannabis Beauty Defined product line. Brandon is somewhat of a brand ambassador and talks about his use of CBD openly in interviews. Currently he. is the ONE FC Heavyweight Champion which shows how cannabis users can excell as athletes as well. Brandon specifically is expressing his support for primarily CBD which is NOT psychotropic, meaning it doesn’t make you high but gives you many of the benefits you hear about cannabis having been hailed for.

7. Donald Cerrone

Photo Credit: Esther Linn

Donald Cerrone is one of the most recognized faces in the sport, he fights multiple times a year, planned or on short notice. He is always training and putting his body through the ringer as a fighter and it takes its toll. So what is he doing on this list? I though he was just a good ol’ beer and whiskey drinking cowboy! Turns out he too is a avid supporter of cannabis use and CBD oils. In an interview with Brendan Schaub on “The Fighter and The Kid” he was talking about how he likes to smoke a joint whenever he damn well pleases and uses CBD Hemp Oil for recovery. He advocated that fighters like himself should be able to use cannabis as an alternative to pain killers which have been shown to be more destructive than helpful in many situations.

6. Mike Perry

Photo Credit: TMZ SPORTS

Mike “Platinum” Perry has been in a roll in the UFC gaining a following and quick stardom. To add to the mix he’s definitely an open supporter of marijuana as he once appeared on TMZ after his fight with Jake Ellenberger visibly higher than a cloud, he also was caught on camera in a social media post he made smoking a joint openly in public. Not only did this happen but, recently he volunteered to welcome back fellow cannabis user Nick Diaz to the octagon stating in a tweet.

“If @nickdiaz209 wants to fight I’d be down to welcome him back. We can smoke weed all week together and I’d still put these hands on him @ufc”

I don’t know about y’all but I’d love to see those two go at it! Maybe he should change his name to Mike “Platinum Kush” Perry?!

5. Sean O’ Malley

Photo Credit: Sean O’Malley Instagram

Sugar Sean O’ Malley has been on absolute fire since winning his debut fight On TUF 26 finale! This kid has been praised by the likes of Snoop Dogg himself. His style in and out of the ring is phenomenal in my opinion, having him be open and in your face with his cannabis use just makes him that much cooler. A definite contender who’s going places fast in he UFC, he has no reservations about hiding his cannabis use regardless of the rules and regulations. After his last fight with Andre Soukhamthath he was caught at an after party smoking a 24k gold rolling paper made blunt in the shape of a UFC glove similar to the one Nick and Nate smoked in videos on social media. This kids living the life at 23 he’s 420 blazing it up like the champ already!

4. Ronda Rousey

Photo Credit: Drug Policy Aliance

Woah,Wait, What?! Why is Ronda Rousey in this list? Well… as the picture shows she too is in support of athletes being able to use cannabis. She made this statement after Nick Diaz was unfairly punished for his use of cannabis after his fight with Anderson Silva. Ronda has also stated that she’s used cannabis in her past in her book My Fight / Your Fight. Some people have speculated her use of cannabis while she’s been seen hanging out with the Diaz Brothers on social media where the bunch had some pretty suspect eyes if you catch my drift. Whatever the case is, if she currently uses it or just supports it, this makes Ronda that much more badass in my book!

3. Jon Jones

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Mr…Bones has had his fair share of fame and fortune tainted with an equal amount of suspect substance use. Sure he is one of the GREATEST OF ALL TIME, a fact I will stand by. Though he is currently suspended and banned from combat due to being found guilty of using PED’s. He’s been known to like the white powdery substance and we aren’t talking pre work out… ok maybe it is pre work out but that depends on who you ask. This post is supposed to be about cannabis so let me get on track. Jon Jones has been seen on social media with deleted posts showing blunts and bowls in the background and was found fleeing the scene of a car accident leaving a bowl with marijuana in it at the scene of a hit and run with a pregnant woman in 2015. In an interview with USA TODAY he detailed how he has been a “pothead” and a “hippie” using cannabis all throughout his high school and college wrestling career and sometimes in between matches. He’s definitely a avid cannabis user in my book, maybe his nickname “Bones” comes from all the joints he smokes? Hope he gets the help he needs to come back or stay retired and clean from that other stuff….

2. Nick Diaz

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Ahhh… at last a Diaz brother makes the list. Besides Matt Riddle being fired for his cannabis use, Nick Diaz had endured the most punishment over the years. Countless times he’s been in trouble for his cannabis use suspended and fined over the majority of his career. His last suspension almost got him 5 years banned from mma competition in the US! Luckily his sentence was reduced and he is on his way back to the UFC and has shown interest in getting back into USADA testing pool to get a fight this year. He and his brother have been the faces of mma potheads for as long as they have been in the sport it seems. Nick Diaz has his own drink in a line of CBD Drinks called HEMP 2O and has it marketed with “Official Drink of Nick Diaz” smack dab on the bottle. He’s not shy from appearing on camera with weed in hand or visiting grow facilities and taking pictures, often you can find Nick Diaz and his brother Nate at cannabis conventions across the west coast. Nick has helped to make it seem normal to use cannabis as a martial artist by bringing it to the main stream along side his brother. Gotta love the Diaz Bros… nothing quite like them in any other sport.

1. Nate Diaz 👑

Photo Credit: UFC Live Broadcast screenshot

The man, the myth, the legend, the stoner… Nate Diaz ladies and gentleman. The younger brother of Nick Diaz, he’s a brash,smash mouth, in your face, don’t take any shit, and don’t give a damn kinda guy. He’s not afraid to whip out a joint on live TV and pretend to spark it in front of your kids. The enigma that is Nathan Diaz will always be loved and hated for his antics in and out of the ring. He’s one of the biggest draws in the UFC and the man who ended Conor McGregor’s UFC winning streak. After his fight with McGregor he was seen at the post fight press conference vaping what he said was a CBD vaporizer, but his brother later claimed was “straight kush, he was smoking kush”. Love him or hate him he’s the most recognizable cannabis user in the sport and has a huge following of fans that share the same love for the plant like he does. Accustomed to being punished by the USADA and UFC he’s been able to still keep relevant even with long layoffs in between fights. He can be found with his brother smoking cannabis and talking about it at various events in California while still training MMA and competing in triathlons. For someone who smokes a lot of weed he’s got one of the most endless amounts of cardio and endurance I’ve ever seen a MMA fighter have. It goes to show not everyone who’s a cannabis user is a lazy pothead.

Honorable Mentions

Bas Rutten, Joe Rogan, Eddie Bravo, Brendan Schaub, Joe Warren, Jon Fitch, Abel Trujillo, Curtis Blaydes, and Josh Rosenthal

Photo Credit: Eddie Bravo via MySpace

All mma fighters, commentators, or referees in this post have have commented about using or supporting fighters that use cannabis and have been verified through a web search through countless articles.


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