Why I joined the Udacity self driving car Nano degree program?

At first because it’s going to be amazing, groundbreaking and fun for sure! ❤

Secondly because I just love to think and talk about business, tooling, innovation, development and disruption in business domains, both at operational and strategic level, sometimes theoretically, other times to help friends/network with challenges at work/their start-up, or just for fun with all willingly. Despite my hard work and multiple attempts to get this kind of conversations of the ground and running, setting up and maintaining them was hard and sometimes resulting in mad, defensive angry or superciliously.

About a year ago I searched online and found Experfy (Data work Platform) Udacity (Machine Learning course) &Harvard HBX online (CORe business pre-MBA & Digital Disruption tracks) and I noticed that this solutions, next to being always open and respectful to me, were at the front of innovation and teaching and building the future workforce. I applied at all three for different modules and feeling lucky and humble to get accepted for all, and still learning a lot every day.

I am humble to be among the blessed and talented students (500/12.000 = 4,1%) of the founding and groundbreaking Self-driving Car Engineering Nano degree program at Udacity next week!

Hopefully I have what it takes to achieve this challenging degree, thus enabling me to take part building the future traffic, aimed to reduce accidents, high energy consumption and loss of time due to traffic jams by eliminating human mistake & error in connected and self learning (optimizing) computer guided traffic fields.

Third: I am starting to get very excited about the growing number of (hiring) partners, scientists & stakeholders around the globe getting involved more and more closely building and smoothing the path for the amazing, and still growing number (12.000!) of students following in monthly starting batches from November.

Surrounded by talented and highly motivated classmates, peers & teaching staff I am hopefully able to help classmates, reach the degree and make fun!

Best update so far about the great partners:

Overview first part curriculum: (1/3)