Hmm, I’ve always wondered why Photoshop was more popular for web design historically.
Luke Mazza

I agree with you totally, it’s just that I haven’t used Illustrator for webdesign. I’ve never been good friends with Illustrator but it gets better (only for icons etc.).

In my article I do mention Adobe Comet, when it wasn’t out yet. I’ve used XD for a few months and can say it has great potential; it’s extremely fast. It’s a pity the update progression isn’t very fast and XD is missing a lot of features. I’ve been working with Sketch (on a mac) for about half a year now and it really saves me a lot of time, especially with symbols. Symbols are heavenly creatures compared to Smart Objects.

Anyway, my point is that Sketch is awesome but also can improve a lot. I do think however that it’s the best choice for designing interfaces at the moment. XD is faster and snappier than Sketch (I think mostly due to Adobe having better access to the core hardware of a Mac), but Sketch wins it in terms of functions of course.