Bringing out the Wisdom — Week 7

It’s been long that I felt so insecure as a designer. Anything I come up with really. I just don’t think it’s that good. My concepts feel unoriginal and ungrounded. My design process feels fragmented, leading to no real conclusion. Even though I still strongly believe in the motivation behind my project, I’ve been having a hard time to translate this into anything significant.

I know, insecurity isn’t a bad thing. If you are not uncomfortable, you are not learning. However, I feel like more confidence would make me do better work. I…

Bringing out the Wisdom — Week 6

I was reading a super interesting series of articles the other day. It was about AI. Pretty soon this article made me realize that AI is not just an important topic, but actually the most important topic of our future. It might turn our world upside down.

According to the article, the advent of ASI (Artificial Super Intelligence) will make such a dramatic impact that it’s likely to either send humans to extinction or to immortality. It’s hard to predict what will happen. And when it does, it will happen fast. …

Bringing out the Wisdom — Week 5

This week I’ve been trying to pivot my project from research more towards design. I’ve narrowed my scope and reframed my research into “How might we..” questions that I will be focusing on. Then I defined some strategies on how to answer these questions which might inform some design concepts.

Somehow this really felt like an unproductive week, because I wasn’t making that much. Anyways I do feel I have more clarity now and understand where my current work fits in.

Right now I see these three questions as three pillars, running parallel…

Bringing out the Wisdom — Week 4

An idea is only as good as your ability to communicate it. You can have great ideas, skills or potential, if you can’t show any of it, it’s useless. That’s what I believe in at least.

If design is about making stuff, communication skills allow you to make that stuff happen.

This week I’ve been presenting my research findings to my class and tutors. Four weeks of work, summarized into one presentation.

There is one question I always ask myself when creating a presentation: “Is this something I would keep listening to myself?”…

Bringing out the Wisdom — Week 3

I’m three weeks in now. It’s nothing significant really. However, as I’ve started to synthesize more of my research, things are beginning to make sense. I am seeing patterns in what experts told me and the experiments I have been doing.

My concern is though, I’m not sure whether my theories on what wisdom is and how people gain it, show some understanding of the topic or a complete misunderstanding. Having theories after just three weeks makes me wonder. Is there something about wisdom that I’m ignoring completely? …

Bringing out the Wisdom — Week 2

Wow such a busy week, with lots of insights. While writing this post I realized how much I value this place as a way to reflect. Without it, I would probably be super confused right now. Instead, I feel like I have something I can work with.

This week is a bit heavy on the theory, but that’s what I needed I guess. I think last week’s making paid off, because it enabled me to connect some expert interviews with my own findings.

One of the goals of last week’s experiment was to…

Bringing out the Wisdom — Week 1

This week kind of felt like I was standing in front of a huge, huge mountain. The snow hits my face while I’m looking up. The clouds are hanging low, I can’t see far. As I’m about to start climbing, uncertainty hits me. Is it safe up there? What path should I take? Am I really ready for this? Should I go alone or bring others? While these thoughts go through my head I realize that the only thing I actually know for sure is that there is a summit. …

We invest our entire lives in learning new things, gaining experiences and creating stories. For every time we fail, we learn something new. For every challenge we overcome, we get a little wiser. Even though sometimes it feels like we are the first and only ones facing these challenges, there has always been someone who went through the same.

If there is one thing I learned during my traveling it’s that people are more similar than they are unique. On a human level, the challenges that people face daily are very similar and they have been so for decades. How…

Sometimes it’s liberating to dive headfirst into a new creative discipline. That feeling of not knowing anything. It’s scary and exciting at the same time.

I just love the process of making things, reflecting and coming up with my own theories. It’s how I learn. Today is about me learning how to tell a story through film. Being a designer, I’ve realized that even though I don’t really consider myself as a filmmaker, I do love making films.

Last month I made my first short film, in ten days. We made our first short film I should say. Because even…

by Trieuvy Luu and Martijn van den Broeck.

The goal of the project “Faceless Interaction” was to speculate on the role of the home in 2036 through a design fiction.

We recreate ourselves every day, in accordance with an ideology based on property — where we are defined by our relationship to things, rather than to each other. Consumption provides us with the tools to develop and express our identity, and confirm and exhibit our status. Consumption comes with a price however, both to ourselves and to our planet, which we often ignore.

Data Economy explores how far people are…

Martijn van den Broeck

Designer at Google Chrome for iOS - Interned at IDEO - Umeå Institute of Design Alumni

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