5 Reasons why every designer should embrace uncertainty

We naturally start to feel uncomfortable when the future becomes less certain. As a result we look for structure in the form of expectations and predictions. However these expectations never represent the truth, leaving us confused.

Here are 5 reasons why every designer should embrace uncertainty.

1. It is in the nature of the process

2. You will stumble upon the unexpected

In design, the magic happens in the unexpected. If you decide to fully embrace uncertainty, there is fewer need for having expectations. You will find the magic.

3. You will get comfortable with the uncomfortable

4. You will learn

5. You will take more risks

Here are some tips on how to embrace uncertainty

1. Don’t have any expectations

2. Have confidence that you will manage

3. You cannot fail

4. Hold onto what you do know

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Martijn van den Broeck (@MartijnvdBroeck)

Martijn van den Broeck is a twenty-two year old student interaction design at Umeå, Institute of Design. He loves learning new things and to share his knowledge.

Martijn van den Broeck

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Designer at Google Chrome for iOS - Interned at IDEO - Umeå Institute of Design Alumni