Citizen Tech

Martin King
Oct 17, 2016 · 2 min read
Image “Mud Kitchens: A Recipe for Fun” ~

Technology is “the science of craft”. The word combines the greek roots “Techne” (art, skill, ingenuity) and logia (techniques, skills, methods and processes). Jacobe Bigelow first coined the word in in “Elements of Technology” a textbook from a series of lectures on the application of the sciences to the useful arts” in 1829.

Citizenship is about the ability of the ordinary person to participate and play an active role in society — its about the ability of the ordinary person to do things and move from consuming to creating and sharing what they do.

“…the street finds its own uses for things” ~ William Gibson

Citizen tech is about the ability of the ordinary person to participate in technology — the science of craft.

Citizen tech is simple, friendly accessible and cost effective — it encourages participation, play and production.

Citizen tech is about creativity, re-mixing, invention, exploration and experimentation in the science of craft.

InspireNshare run, promote and contribute to projects in education and the community that promote the peer to peer, open and exploratory methods of citizen tech — come and see us and find out more at Make:Shift:Do and Mozfest.

Saturday October 29th — Croydon Central Library
Making the library of the future
An introduction to Virtual Reality and 3D printing with simple, friendly, accessible and cost effective “citizen tech”.

Sunday October 30th — Ravensbourne College, London
MAKE:VR … Libraries: 21st century literacies and citizen tech
See yourself in virtual reality, learn how to make your own virtual reality viewer and to make and share your own virtual reality content.

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