Martin King
Apr 11, 2017 · 1 min read

Finding other users on the same instance works but like Graham I just can’t find anyone on other instances even if I enter their Mastodon name .. e.g. I can’t find @GrahamBM — when entering as a search I get no results.

This is all just like Twitter 10 years ago .. problem is that now Twitter is established we compare against it so Mastodon has to build in those features quickly that Twitter took years to add in.

We need hashtag searches, lists and to see who others follow and are being followed by so that we can build communities quickly.

One thing I might use Mastodon for is to publish a sort of Beta blog .. short quick notes on things I would like to blog “properly” about when I have time … I used to do this with Blogger 10 years ago but now just scribble on small bits of paper.

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