Martin King
Jul 19, 2017 · 1 min read

Great post.

There is a problem with this “paradigm change” can companies that are successful in the current paradigm change sufficiently for the new paradigm … at least Google isn’t trying to somehow stop the tide of change and is attempting to engage with it … the same goes for AI.

Companies will need to find a way to incorporate ads into an audio web but it is quite possible .. think of commercial radio.

I can think of a few models but in all cases the ads would need to be very short … “bumper style”


Front and rear bumper ads .. before and after search\destination

Fewer but far more expensive ads .. the current model has been massivelly diluted by millions of malware ads.

I can imagine a sort of subliminal type ad with Alexa, Siri and Goohle whispering in the background.

Maybe ads will be replaced\assimilated into recommendations … indistinguishable from search results.

Ads have become unpleasant on many visual sites .. loads of ads down the side bars, along the top and bottom and among the content as well as animated gif ads … whatever happens the presence of ads could become quite unpleasant but for a free Internet we have to pay for our lunch somehow

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