I fear that you may have missed my point about EdX.
Graham Brown-Martin

Its just like the punk movement …. it rebelled against the establishment …. only to be appropriated by the establishment — punk style became fashionable. monetised and then the establishment moved on.

As you say — the same thing has happened with computers in education … so many in education just talk about every new technology and system as being “a delivery mechanism” .. and here is the rub … its not about technology of course — it is about culture — we can’t expect a piece of technology to change the system .. although I must admit that I still get excited about the potential of some new tech but then need to pinch myself.

We are at a point now where all the hope and promise of the last generation of tech is being snuffed out and is being used “against us” — the Net for surveillance and Edtech to reinforce the establishment.

As is always the case though .. as one thing closes down another opens up .. new tech and new systems are emerging … new hope arises … the cycle begins again.