Islamophobe Zeman promotes sale of arms to war-torn Muslims

Jaroslav Strnad with Czech President Milos Zeman at Excalibur Army Facilities (Tyden)

In August Czech Islam hating President Milos Zeman was widely condemned in Bosnia, after he made offensive remarks against Muslims in Europe. Zeman has consistently disseminated islamophobia in Europe. In 2015 he demonstrated in support of a skinhead group that stated that Muslims should be eradicated in gas chambers. He has consistently insulted Islam as a barbaric religion and has stated that Islam has no place in modern civilization.

Ironically, Zeman has interest in a Czech conglomerate that exports weapons to Muslim countries. He publicly declared himself as an agent that promotes TATRA, a company that is owned by Czech death dealer Jaroslav Strnad. Strnad’s Czechoslovak Group, Excalibur International and TATRA sell weapons to Muslims in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Libya, Iraq, Iran, Yemen and Lebanon.

Michael Strnad CEO of Czechoslovak Group and son of Jaroslav Strnad selling weapons to Crown Prince Mohammed Al Nahyan at IDEX 2017, Abu Dhabi (company twitter)

Recently Zeman was condemned by his government for promoting the sale of arms to Muslim conflict zones. Thus Zeman happily receives money from a group that earns money from selling arms to Muslims. On top of that he promotes the group to sell more arms to Muslims.

It is disgusting to see a European President promote dealers such as Strnad, a supplier of death to conflict zones. But the hypocrisy of promoting the sale of weapons to Muslims, simultaneously benefiting from it financially while stoking hatred against Islam in Europe is nauseating.

Instead of promoting peace, friendship and cooperation among the religions of this world the President is inciting hatred and empowering death dealers. Why? Because, Zeman is sick and demented lackey of Vladimir Putin!

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