Solution Space: Unexpected Shutdown

Potential Improvements

  • As you might notice if you followed along in practice, the list of windows that gets written to the document includes all the open background tasks, and many redundancies, so that the end list can prove difficult to peruse, and makes for unsightly reading, cluttered with unnecessary information. Paring this down, either via AutoIt’s WinList or an external means like a regex via PowerShell, would lead to a more effective solution.
  • I find my list of open windows really useful, but it would be much more useful to have them open by themselves. AutoIt could almost certainly handle this, but for me, it wasn’t quite worth the effort. By turning off Window’s automatic restoring feature, you could avoid any conflicts, and use only your own solution to restore your workflow.
  • Because a new document is generated every hour, the list will quickly grow and grow. I currently have the documents output to their own subfolder, and they’re fairly small so I don’t need to worry about space constraints, but it would be nice to have a rolling “cleanup” that gets rid of any documents older than, say, thirty days.




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