Why the angels revere her.

They, like us, are creatures. Each one, tradition tells us, its own species. But all of the same genus. The angels and the humans. They existed before us. The Nephalim. Created by God. But created to live outside of time, only to enter into it to encourage, to instruct, to share good news, to bring divine retribution. So much more powerful than we. But faithful to us as God, our creator, is faithful to us. Until the day that one of them broke with God’s will. One of them was so angry to know that these inferior creatures would find salvation through the incarnation and death of the Son, and that all creation would worship this mean form for all eternity, that he and many like him revolted against God and were cast out of Heaven to a place of eternal misery.

So what of this girl? Young. Poor. Betrothed but not yet married. Unremarkable in all ways but one. She was chosen from all time to be the mother of God. And in accepting that very special vocation, she showed what made her remarkable: her steadfast and abiding fidelity to the will of God.

God gave to all of his creations free will, to choose to do his will or something different. It is true of humanity and gave way to the fall. It is equally true of the Angels. But where they exercise free will, there is no temptation. The evil one, the author of death, the one whose misery is sated only when he is working to mete it out upon cursed humanity — his lies and temptations can’t penetrate the perfection that is Heaven. So the free will of the Angels is exercised with a clarity that always recognizes the order and love of the plan God’s will holds for them.

And that is why they revere Mary. Those Angels who’ve undertaken commissions to Earth at the request of the father, return with stories of horror at the attacks wrought upon them as they travel in the realm of the Prince of Lies. Besieged by temptations and deceptions at every turn, their only desire is to complete their task, ensure God’s will, and return to the safety of their eternal home. The other Angles shudder as they listen to the tales recounted by Angel sojourners of the peril that lies outside of Heaven and the relentless attacks that the rest of creation undergoes as a simple condition of existence.

Yet this girl, she knew nothing but the devil’s dominion for her entire life. Through a gift from her God, she was conceived without sin, preserving the integrity of the body and soul that would protect and nurture in the humblest of forms the God of all creation. And at every turn in her life, when the Prince of Lies and his pathetic army of demons sought to deceive her, intimidate her, coerce her and assault her into defiling her grace-filled being, she resolutely turned to God. Where all other humans had failed, she — the most unassuming of all — succeeded by the glory and grace of God.

The Angels marvel at this girl. They marvel at her strength. They marvel at her fidelity. They marvel at what she shouldn’t have been able to do, but did. They marvel at what she did, and what they fear they might not have had the faith do in her same circumstances. They marvel at the humblest of creatures, who brought forth the God of salvation in the humblest of forms, only to conquer death and reunite all of creation in His kingdom for all of eternity.

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