I’m ashamed of my country.

“Prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior:” (Racism as defined by the Oxford dictionaries.com)

Living in South Africa, I am constantly reminded by your political history and how you’ve conquered it to become the rainbow nation you are today. With disbelief, I’m watching my own country implode on itself. I have never, ever, experienced the type of racism that I am currently seeing in my home country on the internet. The young are having their futures sold out from under their own feet by the old. Racists and bigots now seem to think they have a mandate to scream abuse at anyone who they think shouldn’t be there. Now that they think at least half the country agrees with them.

Now is the time for the young to get involved and fight back against all this hate. I was told recently that racism is only a white thing. That no black or coloureds could be racist, because racism is all about white domination. Well, I’ve seen white English men calling white Polish men”vermin,” on that note, that is what Gerbils did to the Jews, by the way. These are sad days indeed, I think I’ll stay in a land of hope and unity.

Oh and Iceland just knocked us out of the football anyway ;)

And as I always say at the end of a show, PEACE & LOVE.