We’ve been fighting these cunts since the thirties.

Forty years ago on the 13 August 1977 was the Battle of Lewisham. The National Front planned a March from New Cross to Lewisham in south East London. I can remember being a politically active 21 years old and thinking this was going to be our cable st. I’d grown up with West Indian mates, been a suede head ( a skinhead with some hair) and hated all the racist crap of the NF.

We knew we had to stand and fight .Some of the of the middle-class kids didn’t see it coming but me and my mates did. Nothing’s changed. Those thugs in Charlottesville are just the same, except now Nazis buy their weapons from garden centers. Stick your flags, statues and your tiki’s up your ass. We beat you in cable st .We beat you in Lewisham, and we’ll beat you in Charlottesville. How do we beat them on a day to day basis? With peace, love and understanding and what’s so funny about that eh Elvis?