My Top 10 favorite apps (Android)

10. Infinite Design.

A professional, vector graphics app which lets you create complex, beautiful designs effortlessly.

My latest coup de coeur, intuitive, user friendly, minimalist & free .

Nothing to add.

9. Swarm

Because… I use it for 2 years regularly to store my new restaurants / bars discoveries and share them with my friends. To be honest. I’m pretty disappointed with the overall user experience but i am convinced that it remains one of the apps to be used regularly.

8. Buffer.

Because i need to manage my publications on social channels and it works. I tested a lot of other sm apps… always the Best.

User friendly.

7. Vivino

2 years ago …I have turned a little gray to my 25 and to forget I started to appreciate wine. I really need a simple way to store my favorite wine discoveries. Also…The scan works perfectly but the quality of your picture must be good.

6. Instasize

Before instagram square coming out, it was my favorite instagram apps. Yes some ads. The game, baby.

5. Chromecast.

The easiest and cheapest way to share your smartphone screen, videos, pictures and more apps on your dumb TV .

4. Waze

The Best navigation and traffic app.

I’m living in Belgium and brussels is the worst european city concerning urban traffic .

Everyday on the road and i don’t want to waste my time.

3. Medium

Maybe… I want to make an impression on others. Share, create and explore publications.

2. Vsco

The Best photo editing app. Pro, simple, great features.

1. nstagram

Yes . . Has aged a lot. The recent news are not really good for us, users. My favorite channel to publish image content.

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