An 11minute and 7 second


In Sunday’s Gospel reading we heard that Jesus was tempted by social, religious and political power. Jesus’ reliance on the power of God, rather than the institutions made him a person of derision during his crucifixion.

In other words, if Jesus was tempted to see the futility of a spirit led life, we too might find adherence to spiritual practice tough.

Lent is an opportunity to re-connect with spiritual practices by spending time doing them.

This meditation guide uses digital media, specifically your phone, as a tool for spiritual reflection rather than a source of distraction.

So if you can’t get to the Knubel Chapel at Wagner College for ‘No Commentary Bible Study’ at 9am Monday or 12noon Wednesday, can’t make a Wednesday evening 7pm The OA for Lent conversation, or can’t attend 11am Worship at Trinity Lutheran Church click these links for an 11 minute meditation. “It is written, ‘One does not live by bread alone’…”

Ash Wednesday is about Real Bodies

Getting out of Boxes

Making a Book Come Alive

Down to the River to Pray

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