Notes from the Field

The odds in Vegas have greatly improved for Democrats in Nevada this year. The game isn’t craps or black jack — it’s the American Dream; and the choices which make it real.
Led by Steve Sisolak as Nevada’s next Democratic Governor and Kate Marshall as Nevada’s next Lieutenant Governor, the people of Nevada are headed towards putting the brakes on crazy by voting Democratic this fall.
 And while these candidates run separately, the core message they share is crystal clear — it’s about Opportunity for All. Whether it’s concerns about jobs, wages, education, or healthcare, our candidates in Nevada get it.
 This past week I was honored to campaign for Lt. Gov. candidate, Kate Marshall in Las Vegas. Having served for eight years as State Treasurer, Kate not only understands the concerns of Nevada families, she has a track record of fighting to do something about those concerns. As Treasurer, she established the first program in the state to jump start a college savings account for every kid that enters kindergarten.

With Lieutenant Governor Candidate Kate Marshall in Las Vegas.

Expectations become behavior.
 As Governor, Steve Sisolak would have Nevada seize the upside of America’s renewable energy future by making Nevada not only 100% renewable but a net exporter of solar energy. As Steve points out, “we’ve got more sun here than any state in the Union — and the sun hasn’t sent us a bill yet.”
 It was great to have been with so many strong women running to win back their state. Leaders like Senator Joyce Woodhouse, Senate candidate Marilyn Dondero, Senate candidate Julie Pazina, and Assembly candidate Connie Munk.
 I haven’t been surrounded by so many strong women in one place since my daughters went away to college.
 I am counting on you, Nevada!
 Good luck in the primary on June 12 and the general this fall. 
 Our country is counting on you.
 — Martin