Martin O'Malley

Training the Next Generation to Win Elections

Something really new is happening for the Democratic Party.

Camp attendees with Governor O’Malley. Photo Credit: WBYS

From Ohio, to Florida, from New Hampshire to Iowa — and beyond — State Democratic Party Chairs all tell me the same thing. “This year, we have more qualified candidates, Martin, than we have qualified campaign staff.”

Say what you will about Donald Trump, he has been the greatest recruitment tool our Party has had in a long time. (Yes, I called him a “tool.”) He has also been a huge help — “HUGE HELP” — when it comes to building crowds for marches and protests. But, good candidates and big demonstrations aren’t enough to win back our states. We need to run campaigns that win elections. So, let’s fill the space between this new grassroots energy and the ability to run winning elections all across our country.

Camp attendees learn about the basics of a campaign plan and budget. Photo Credit: WBYS

Last weekend in College Park, Maryland, our new Leadership PAC — Win Back Your State — held our first “training camp” for new campaign staff. Many of those who signed up for a full day of training were totally new to electoral politics. Some were recently retired and wanted to make a difference this year when our country needs us most. Kathleen, new to campaigns at the age of fifty, had driven down from Philadelphia. Ian, a college student at George Washington, already had some prior campaign experience in South Africa of all places. We even had a father-daughter team — Wesley and Karen from Howard County Maryland — who joined in a full day of lectures, trainings, and simulations on everything from running an effective door-to-door operation to designing effective messages for Social Media.

This was our first Win Back Your State Training Camp, but with your help, it won’t be our last. Every state matters and every state needs good people who can actually run campaigns. So, please join me in bringing forward a new generation of campaign leadership from the grassroots up.

Governor O’Malley discusses working on a campaign with camp attendees. Photo Credit: WBYS

There is goodness within our country. It’s just waiting to be called forward.

Great nations sometimes make bad mistakes; good nations correct them quickly.

Win Back Your State to save the United States.

Martin O'Malley

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Former Governor of Maryland and Mayor of Baltimore. Learn more at

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