By Governor Martin O’Malley

If you’ve been watching television lately, you’ve now seen the Biden Ad. It concludes — “Joe Biden — he brings everyone to the table to get things done.”

Inclusion. Collaboration. Delivering Results.

Change the name of the office and the candidate, and the ad could well be the ad of a young candidate for mayor. But it is an ad for President of the United States. And it is the opposite of what we’ve seen in four years of the oxymoron we sometimes call the Trump Administration. It’s also the early morning song of a whole…

A lot of crazy ideas come out of the woodwork in a pandemic. But this one isn’t crazy.

It comes from Johns Hopkins Hospital. And it actually works.

We have all been watching as the COVID pandemic out-strips our ability to produce enough equipment to protect our doctors and nurses. But it could be that the Personal Protective Equipment our healthcare workers need is all around us — we just have to round it up and get it to our hospitals.

According to an urgent “wanted letter” co-signed by Dr. Lisa Maragakis, Hopkins Senior Director of Healthcare Epidemiology and Infection Prevention and Bob Maloney, Hopkins Director of Emergency Management, “considering the anticipated surge, more healthcare providers will need…

By Sunday June 16th, the public consciousness, empathy, and outrage had built to a crescendo.

“Ripping children from their parents’ arms at the border is not in keeping with the spirit of the Gospel,” the priest at my Catholic mass said in his sermon. The clear truth many made gasp, made some start to sob, and made a couple angry — though perhaps not for the right reasons. I’m guessing It wasn’t the only place of worship where the weaponizing of child abuse by our United States government was addressed.

But it was Father’s Day in America, making the…

Here’s a true story I learned in Florida last week that I thought you would like.

When Stephanie Murphy was just six months old, her parents fled for their lives — with she and her eight year old brother — from South Viet Nam. Saigon had fallen to the Viet Cong, and many families like Stephanie’s desperately fled on board whatever boats they could to escape.

Years later she learned that the ship her parents jumped aboard was one of the very few drifting ships that was intercepted by the U.S. Navy, refueled, and allowed to proceed under its own…

The odds in Vegas have greatly improved for Democrats in Nevada this year. The game isn’t craps or black jack — it’s the American Dream; and the choices which make it real.

Led by Steve Sisolak as Nevada’s next Democratic Governor and Kate Marshall as Nevada’s next Lieutenant Governor, the people of Nevada are headed towards putting the brakes on crazy by voting Democratic this fall.

And while these candidates run separately, the core message they share is crystal clear — it’s about Opportunity for All. Whether it’s concerns about jobs, wages, education, or healthcare, our candidates in Nevada…

Training the Next Generation to Win Elections

Something really new is happening for the Democratic Party.

Camp attendees with Governor O’Malley. Photo Credit: WBYS

From Ohio, to Florida, from New Hampshire to Iowa — and beyond — State Democratic Party Chairs all tell me the same thing. “This year, we have more qualified candidates, Martin, than we have qualified campaign staff.”

Say what you will about Donald Trump, he has been the greatest recruitment tool our Party has had in a long time. (Yes, I called him a “tool.”) He has also been a huge help — “HUGE HELP” — when it comes to building crowds for marches…

If you want to know where a nation is headed, talk to her young people under thirty, and they will tell you.

You will not find many Climate Change deniers among them.

In fact, according to Gallup, this year for the first time ever, every age cohort of Americans now believes that Climate Change is caused by human activity: the cumulative and ongoing affects of our burning of fossil fuels for energy, and the resulting pollution it pumps into the atmosphere.

Understanding precedes all action, and “the mind once enlightened cannot again go dark.” …

We once again find ourselves seeking answers following yet another savage and tragic attack, this time at Parkland High School in Florida.

The clearest voices are the voices of the young people who witnessed this massacre. Even through their tears, they are clearly demanding that adults take action. They are shaming us to act. They are insisting that we act. That we show, as a people, that we love our children more than our guns.

In the past, these conversations seemed so easily complicated and frustrating, but there seems to be a greater clarity coming to us now through the…

A military parade? Really? Like Soviet Russia? North Korea? Venezuela?

Is this what we have come to?

Yes, I think it is. So, let’s embrace this moment of national understanding and mutual respect for one another. George Washington is surely watching.

God bless France. After their suffering and sacrifice through two World Wars, we can understand their cultural nostalgia for Napoleonic parades. If the Nazis and Hitler had marched down the main street of my hometown, I’d probably want lots of military parades from my guys afterwards, too.

But this is the United States of America.

We honor the sacrifice…

Climate change is the greatest business opportunity to come to the United States in a hundred years. Just because the current White House chooses not to lead on climate change doesn’t mean Americans can’t.

The truth is, states and cities, along with global investment markets, are the real drivers of energy policy across the United States — not the federal government.

Let’s look first at the business case for clean energy.

There are twice as many people employed in wind and solar jobs in the U.S. today than there are in coal mining. In fact, solar energy alone now employs…

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