Martin Rieck

A series of colourful overlapping circles

Death! A persistent harrower of life

Death! Relentless in its quest

Death! The prevailing emotion rife

Death! A challenge no man can best

Life! A forgoer to death

Life! Curbed by time allowed

Life! Till the last breath

Life! A gift to us endowed



Photograph Credit- Tegan Rieck Photography

In the silence of a mind lurk shadows untold.

Skulking on the fringe of the subconscious, unknown.

Festering within placid, weak void, a corrupting mould.

Occupying as an unseen spirit, decomposing even bone.

In the shadows of the mind exist the undefined.

Pixelated and blurry are their edges, if edges there be.

Morphing to avoid comprehension, insistently blind.

Enduring in scattered suspicion, the deceitful absentee.

In the peripheries of the mind the knots are tied fast.

Constrictors, solidified by the absence of retrospect.

Woven tight throughout a delicate mind, polar contrast.

Too naïve to think, to weak to know, dazed, unchecked.

Captivate thoughts, arrest meaning.

Seek comprehension in the deepest feeling.



Martin Rieck

Martin Rieck

Curious mind, deep soul, questioning life, wandering definition. A trans disciplinary designer doing his failing best to take the world in.