Digital nomads in Prague

Are you a digital nomad and coming to Prague? Let me help you and show some cool places that you shouldn't miss. This article will give you very useful information about coworking spaces in Prague, where else can you work, where meet other open-minded people.

I was born in the Czech Republic and I have been travelling for the last two and half years all around Central America, Canada, Thailand and Morocco. I work online. Now I am back in the Czech Republic for couple months and would like to share some very cool places in Prague.

Coworking spaces in Prague

The whole concept of coworking spaces is pretty new in the Czech republic. Although there are about 20 options in Prague nowadays. New coworking spaces are opening almost every months.


You can have a look at and look for some coworking space online. Be aware that not every coworking is listed on Sharedesk.

Google Search

Go ahead and type “coworking prague” on Google. You will get nice results and you can choose your preferred location as well.

The city center is all right for walking, it is not spread out and you can use subway easily. There are one milion citizens in Prague.

Coworking spaces that I like

I don't live in Prague. I was born in Decin, small town in the north part of the Czech Republic. I go to Prague because of my work, I meet clients there and do lots of meetups with other digital nomads or travellers.

ImpactHub Prague

You will fall in love with this coworking space. Impact hub is for sure one of the best place where to work if you are a freelancer or a creative entepreneur.

ImpactHub isn't just an office. It is a perfect place where to meet and network with people. Impact Hub runs a lot of events and if you are a member, those events are for free for you.

Their website are in english as well! Have a look at

Locus Workspace in Prague

Locus Workspace is one of the places that are ideal for digital nomads. If you come to Prague to work, make sure you will come here.

You will find here nice office, nice people and they do events as well. From my experience a coworking space is not just about an office any more. The networking with people there is so much important.

Locus Workspace is part of COWAG (co-working alliance global) and accepts bitcoin.

Best cafes to work in Prague

Are you tired of coworking place or are you seeking some change? Or you have maybe just few hours to go.

Cafes are becoming incredibly popular among digital nomads and freelancers.

Let's jump right into best cafes in Prague. The selection is based on my personal opinion.


Cafedu is for sure one of my favourite places where to go for work. Cafedu is actually a study hall, so be awere that you will find here more students (especialy from erasmus program) than digital nomads. It might get noisy here so make sure you take headphones with you. It is open 24 hours!

Cafedu is right in the city center, just a short walk from a Nacional Muzeum.

Costa Coffee or Starbucks are for me a good option where to get some coffee and have a nice time to work and be creative when I need to.

Anonymous Cafe is well located in the city centre. It is nice place where to be creative, plan your trip, have a meeting, but I don't like this place for work on my computer. The chairs and tables are not prepared for that. Their tables aren't height enough and your back will hurt after some time.

Soup in the city is not a cafe but a czech bistro. I recommend this place to get a great soup and you will get some work done here as well. I personaly like this place and always find a good time here.

Pararelní Polis is an unique place. It was build with a independence vision so they accept only bitcoins and even bartenders get their salary in bitcoin. Pararelní Polis is a cafe and a share office space.

Other options:

Vypálené koťátko, Prague 6

Café NONA, Prague 1

Kavárna Róza K. (formerly Meduza), Prague 2

Long Tale Café, Prague 7

Friends Coffee House, Prague 1

Kavárna-vinárna Symbiosa, Prague 5

Krásný ztráty, Prague 1

Čajovna ČajIN, Prague 6

Tell me your experience

Let me know if you know some other places where to work in Prague, coworking, cafes or other.

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