Mintos review 2019: My P2P investment Report

I started investing in Mintos peer-to-peer lending platform two years ago, and I want to show you, how I create a strategy that gives me a return up to 17,18% per year. The year 2018 was successful for me, and I believe that I can repeat it in this year 2019.

I have written my experience with Mintos in 2017 on my personal blog, but the article is in the Czech language. That’s why I put together my thoughts with update 2019 and write them down here on Medium platform, so other investors from different countries can find my review.

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This is not financial advice. Investing your money puts your capital at risk. The article shows only my personal experience.

Mintos P2P lending platform

Mintos is a P2P lending platform that provides secure transactions, simple, easy-to-navigate platform and great returns for a small investor.

I tried other P2P lending platforms but I couldn’t get the return higher than 13%. I tried Bondora and a few more based in the Czech Republic. Many bloggers from the USA invest on P2P platforms but I couldn’t find any of them who report great returns such as 15% per year or more.

That points me back to Mintos. Have a look below and see loan originators that Mintos cooperate with.

The minimum amount for investing is 10 Euro or equivalent. Mintos P2P lending platform is perfect even for small investors.

My different strategy on Mintos

The average return for all investors in Mintos is 11,62% based on the official information from Mintos website.

I was able to get 12% per year from loans in EUR on Mintos as you can see below on the picture.

My Net Anual Return from loans in EUR (Mintos 2018 report)

Slighter better than the average, but my investment goal is different.

In this article, I want to share my different strategy on Mintos and the reasons why I was able to get 17% return p.a. in 2018.

The major hack is simple to invest in different currency. I chose Kazakhstan, KZT currency.

There are still opportunities on Mintos, and I think it is possible to have the same numbers in the year 2019.

Many bloggers and some investors talk about the smaller interest rate on Mintos. I must agree but only when talking about EUR loans.

Let’s dig deeper how to get higher interest rate and invest smarter than the majority. I will show you how I did it.

Do not invest in EUR

It’s simple. When you list all EUR loans on Primary Market on Mintos, you will see a list with the interest rate 8–14%. Those loans with 14% are not always available, and if they are so, they are usually short-term loans for three months.

Why I invest in KZT loans

I found loans from Kazakhstan very lucrative. You find most KZT loans with the interest rates 17%, moreover some offers 18% interest rate.

Please note that all those loans are marked as Buyback guaranteed. It means that you get your money back with interest no matter if the person pays his debt or not (Mintos will give your money back) — that’s the guarantee.

Choose loans with term 6–18 months

You see most of KZT loans go with 36 months term. Your money will be locked for a very long time. To avoid that, I filter loans that have 6–18 months term, ideally up to 12 months.

I’m aware of the economic situation. We had the pretty good year of 2018, but the growth slows down. No one can be sure when the crises hit us. To protect myself and my investments I put my money into loans that are no longer than 18 months.


P2P lending platform is not my only investment (I invest in stocks, cryptocurrency, bonds, physical silver coins and hold some cash). I see Mintos as an alternative investment. Money that I put in I also diversify into a big number of different loans.

After lots of experiments, I gained experience, and my current best option is to invest ₸10.000 — ₸20.000 into one single KZT loan.

You will have probably tens or hundreds of such loans, but that’s a good sign.

I invest manually into KZT loans

You will read how auto-investing help investor to save their time and how many other benefits they get. When talking about auto investing in Mintos, talk to people about their interest rate, and you will get answer 9–13%.

I did it and tried it by myself, and I got 12–13%. Not bad. But I want more.

So I had to experiment a bit, and that’s why I didn’t allow Mintos to set my Auto-Invest program.

I select KZT loans manually exactly as I described above. Do not forget to check Buyback Guarantee. If you already have some KZT loans, you can also select the checkbox Exclude my investments (I do that as well).

You could also create with the selected parameters Auto-Invest program. Somehow, I’d like to see and decide personally, where my money goes so my auto-invest is turned off.

Always check the status of the loan

Recently I started to check the details of the loan. As you can see below, on Payment Schedule is Status of the particular payments. Some are marked as Paid, Paid after the due date, Late or Scheduled.

To avoid bad loans I pick and invest in loans that already have some Status Paid and at the same time don’t have a status Late.

I also don’t invest in loans that are new, because they have their Status as Scheduled for all payments.

The good scenario for me could look like this (two status Paid and other Scheduled).

Invest smarter in P2P loans on Mintos

Some of the loans from Kazakhstan will be paid late or they will even hit 60 days after their due date. The buyback guarantee takes place, you will get your money with original interest back, but as an investor, you need to calculate these 2 months. You couldn’t operate with your money for two months and you will get no interest for those two months.

Of course, if the loan is marked as 17% and it got 60 days delays, the final number of interest will be for you, investor, smaller.

That’s the reason why I don’t invest in loans that have couple days or weeks left. Also, that’s the reason why I go into details every single loan and check if they have some payment with status Paid or Late.

It takes a little bit extra time, but you eliminate bad loans and increase your chance to get 17% — 18% per year.

If you don't have a EUR back account, basically you are from the country that uses another currency as an official currency (like me from the Czech Republic), I recommend adding money to Mintos via TransferWise rather than bank transfer. It saves you some money thanks to lower fees and a better exchange rate.

I hope that my report of investing on Mintos P2P lending platform was helpful and easy to understand.

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