The noticeable 3 months pattern of booming cryptocurrencies

Crypto market is all time up for the last 3 months and the only question many of us have right now is, if there is a correction coming soon. Or will all the cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Ripple or Dash rise more? What I noticed so far is a pattern that goes with all cryptocurrencies that have one of the highest market capitalization.

I attached specific graph of 10 cryptocurrencies and select the date from the end of April till today (end of June). The purpose of this selection is to visualize the parent that is currently for 3 months on the market.

You will see the comparison with the cryptocurrency and USD Tether. I used TradingView tool.

Bitcoin: BTC USDT

Bitcoin went from 1000 USDT up to 2600 USDT.

Ethereum: ETH USDT

Ethereum wen from 50 USDTup to 325 USDT.

Litecoin: LTC USDT

Litecoin went from 4 USDT up to 44 USDT.

Ripple: XRP USDT

Ripple went from zero up to 0,28 USDT.

Monero: XMR USDT

Monero went from 20 USDT up to 48 USDT.


Dash went from 50–100 USDT up to 170–200 USDT.


NXT went from 0 up to 0,18 USDT.


Zcash went from 50 USDT up to 380 USDT.

Stellar: STR USDT

Stellar went basically from zero up to 0,04 USDT.


Augur went from 8 USDT up to 30 USDT.

The big pattern that you can see in all cryptocurrencies

The precise prices are not important and I put just estimated price. What is important is the uptrend and correction at the exact dates for all cryptocurrencies.

What I noticed is a high price at the end of May. You can see that in all the cryptocurrencies above. At the very end of May we saw a big correction of the market. Since the correction we see the bullish trend again. Some cryptocurrencies reached and went above their all time high, the others are slowly touching their maximum.

So, is it the right time to invest? There are many different analysis out there. I won’t give you any exact answer. But I believe that even though we might see a correction sooner or later, the society seem to believe in cryptocurrencies more and more. The value of digital money is increasing because of the trust. In long-time period I believe we will see the uptrend.

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