Why is Prague getting popular among digital nomads?

Martin Rosulek
Jun 12, 2016 · 3 min read

Southeast Asia is so much popular and we can read about those ideal places for nomadic lifestyle in almost every second interview with some digital nomad. It has been many years like that but today more digital nomads are tired of Asia and want to try something else.

Why not?

Location independent lifestyle is not about living in Asia.

I know, South East Asia is perfect. It is so cheap! It is fun! There are beaches! You will escape from stress…

It might be true, but why should I stay there for the rest of my life? Yeah, let's go there, experience that, but why settle there?

Digital nomads can work from anywhere, so they tend to move every month or two months. Their “moving out/in factor” is very deep inside of them.

For those who are from Australia or New Zeland it is obvious that they prefer Indonesia, Malaysia or South East Asia. But what about US citizens? Coming to Europe is not hard for them. They ask for a Shengen visa and can travel within all EU members during the period of 3 months.

Many of them know right now and the word of mouth is getting spread out.

This is just a beginning. Let's dig deeper why you will meet more digital nomads in Prague nowadays than ever before. Prague is indeed becoming one of the most popular hub for digital nomads.

1. Nice weather for 9 months per year

The climate in the Czech Republic is very nice for all three season (spring, summer, autumn). Of course most digital nomads are coming during summer. Winter is not a favourite season while you are in the city. Anyway the location of Prague can guarantee very pleasant weather conditions.

Moreover there are no earthquakes or any other dangerous nature occasions.

2. Architecture and sightseeing with the story behind

Prague's architecture is amazing. Many says that Prague is the heart of Europe and the most beautiful city in the whole Europe. And it is true! If you don't believe me, you should google some images from Prague.

3. Modern infrastructure

The Czech Republic lies in the middle of Europe, you can decide if it is eastern or western Europe. Don't forget bring this topic when you sit with a beer with some Czech. You will have fun, that's for sure :-)

The infrastructure in Prague is very modern. The transportation is easy and as a english speaking traveller you won't have a bigger problems.

4. Many Czechs speak good english

Yeah, we do speak english. It is not our official language, but most young people can speak very good english. You can meet lots of foreigners in Prague as well.

When you are lost, you simply ask for a direction in the nearest shop and will get an answer.

5. Coworking spaces

There are many coworking spaces in Prague. You can choose if you prefer bigger space or maybe smaller coworking.

The price is around 10 Euro/1 hour or 130 Euro/month.

I can recommend you Locus Coworking or Impact Hub.

6. Events

Plenty of events are going on every day in Prague. Either business's topics or topics for self-improvement. The good thing about coworking spaces in Prague is that they are not just for work but they really connect you with other interesting people. The staff do lots of events, so make sure you will check them out.

You can find many cultural events in the city as well.

7. Party hard

Prague is a place where to party, that is for sure. Prague is very famous because travellers go party here. Some come to Prague just to party. I am serious!

Well, if you come here, it is definitely recommended to experience that. The buzz is cheap and there are tons of clubs.

Work hard, party hard!

Martin Rosulek

A digital nomad who finds inspiration in technology and trends. Work remotely from anywhere. Excited about social media, start-ups, blockchain and investing.

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