Why I love film

The thing about the arts is that various mediums of art are connected whether you realize it or not. The sketches and strokes of a painting is the prerequisite step to a detailed photograph which leads to (what I believe) the ultimate medium of film and video. The thing about a motion picture is its ceaseless movement and constant evolution. A sculpture, a picture, an installation, even performance arts which include motion do not count in the equation. Because ultimately, filmmaking captures that essence forever. Anything that can be thought of or visualized can be filmed — paraphrased from the great Stanley Kubrick himself. Filmmaking is an exciting artform. One that takes undying effort and the cooperation and collaboration of other people working with you.

The thing about artists is that they don’t always carry or deliver a clear purpose in what they do. In other conventional careers like a doctor, a lawyer, a dentist, a businessman even — all these other jobs have pretty clear purposes. Clear indications of what they are meant for. But an artist? A filmmaker? What role do they play in society? Ultimately, it is up to the artist to decide, and sometimes its not always obvious. I’m an artist, and I believe that although I may not be saving lives, I definitely am changing them. I want to inspire people through my stories and life experiences. I want to create things that people will be awed to look at. Being an artist is more than meets the eye. At times I think it is a profession that is underrated and under- appreciated for the work that goes into the many great paintings, movies, photographs, any art that you see today in the world.

In the end, there are many more reasons for why I am passionate about film, but for now, this is why.