What is the name of it?

We are not prepared to understand the point of view of another person, make no effort to observe in detail the structure of the arguments, we are not allowed to use the figures of speech that someone else created. Instead, we put our hand there, penetrate, invade, violate. What’s the name of it, so intangible, done only with the words?

We see that there is something changing in society, a weakening in support of an idea, the strengthening of a new idea that has replaced another. Quickly, we decreed that a certain way of articulating thoughts, or a style of living, simply died. It’s the end! We condemn with words to extinction the territory created in the shared culture that is making sense for many actions in the existence of thousands of people. It’s dead, it’s over, it’s gone. What is the name of it, so intangible, that allows us to use words to proclaim the extinction of ideas, rather than analyze, and discuss carefully about the meanings of it?

We intend to cease the admiration of a person, we have the desire to reduce its audience. Therefore, we avoid analyzing in detail what it is saying. To reduce its power, giving new meanings to its words, we associate to its thoughts new metaphors that lead to different territories. What is the name we give to those actions when our words put us away of people instead of bringing us to a closer position? And how we name that, when we are audience for those acts, when we support those who behave like this, when we applaud the disconnection instead of the closeness?