New Pricing with Dollars and Sense
Isaak Dury

I think to move to such a steep price hike between mini and basic while help you reduce your 10,000 administrators. Surely if less than 1% pay for a plan, there is a huge amount of users who, if they paid £5 AUD each month, then you wouldn’t lose these users and you would begin to see a profit.

I can’t sustain spending 60% of our membership on an administration system which therefore takes money away from spending it on the services that our members actually pay for. I can’t ask my parents for an increase in membership fees and my committee will just tell me to use something else. Looks like I’ll be back to using Excel again.

I would be happier paying a small amount each month for a service that I only really use to keep track of my books and membership. The other services and features aren’t worth me staying as a user.

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