Second historical migration period

People are following good ideas and clever presenters from one information platform to another. Some of the good ideas are amplified, some of the bad ones maybe also. Clans are formed, causing gradually new norms and traditions to emerge. It is difficult to predict if and how the social processes stabilize. Some of the old psychological and social constraint will effect the structures that are formed. Charismatic leaders will emerge and in their turn be turned down. Promotions and demotions take place at new social levels in the post information era society. Hopefully the data analytic tools keep journals for the history researchers. How is the DNA of the futures social system constructed now? Today I arrived on this platform, following a link given by a new acquaintance. The social links and the hyper links between ideas become nested in interesting ways. Mechanisms for exchange, collaboration and governance become refined. Great times to live and observe the progress. (A test posting, I had the feeling of writing something here as the site prompted for it, sorry for the lack of practically applicable and useful content).

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