A Mother’s Day Note

When I think about everything it took to get me this far, I immediately think of my mom.

She moved to America from Galway, Ireland in 1959, and met my dad in a dance hall on Dudley Street. She made a home in a place where she was nearly three thousands miles away from her own family.

When I think about my mother, I think of one word: Strong.

Raising a family is never easy, and I was never the easiest. When I reflect on my childhood, I think about my mom and my dad, relatives and neighbors, drinking tea around the kitchen table, talking about what the community needed.

I told my mother I wanted to get involved in government when I was 13 years old, because I wanted to make a difference. And it’s because of her belief in me and her sacrifices for me, that I could’ve gotten this far.

So it’s my job, as mayor, to make sure every mom in this city — whether they’ve lived here their whole lives or are just stepping on our shores — can find an affordable, safe place to live, a good-paying job, and great schools for their children.

It’s my responsibility to make sure that the hardest job in the world isn’t impossible.

So today, I want to thank my mom, and I want all of you to reach out to the moms in your life who are doing this job every day. Feel free to forward this to the strongest moms you know, and say thank you. Let’s celebrate them today, and every day.

Happy Mother’s Day,


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