My Dear Old Friend, Failure.

Yesterday evening I was met with a most pleasant surprise. I was greeted in a conference room by a good friend of mine. Someone I’d forgotten about in these past few months. How could I forget about the time we spent, when we spent so much. I admit I was pretty naive to think we’d never speak again. When not but a year ago, you were my very good friend.

My hubris must have reached levels that couldn’t be charted, because there is nothing that could have prepared me for the feeling I felt at work friday afternoon. After a long week of self discovery and relaxation, I found myself feeling confident to face the day. I had no worries, I just knew that everything would be fine. That is until it wasn’t. I’ll spare you the details , because it’s mostly tech jargon and developer talk. I found myself looking at my unfinished project on a 60 inch screen. I was flabbergasted, how could I forget to do that?! What is wrong with me?! I felt like I’d not only let myself down, but my entire team. It was a humbling experience, to say the least.

I’ve experienced a fair share of good times , I’ve done things I never thought I’d do. I’ve been winning for a while ,so much so that I forgot that you should expect the best but plan for the worst. I’ve only been expecting the best and my expectations have been met, in doing so It softened me up for this deafening snap back to reality. After that meeting, my friend Failure walked in, took a seat and gave me a hug. What an embrace it was, I’d forgotten about failure. I’d stop returning his calls, having drinks with him and communicating with him all together. The best thing about failure is even when you’re strutting around town with success, flaunting her in everyone’s face. Failure never takes it personal, he allows you to enjoy your time with success because he understands life is about balance. He’s aware you will eventually end up back in the arms of failure.

Failure is the best teacher, if you stray from your path. Failure will meet you to guide you along. Failure has no interest in hurting you, only showing you the error of your ways and teaching you a valuable lesson. That’s why I value failure, those are the same reasons why when he return I didn’t fret. We’ve always been close, I know whenever he comes around that things always get better. Once they do he leaves and allows me to spend time with success. It feels good to have you back failure. You keep me grounded when no one else can. I missed my old friend failure.

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