Martin J. Stallone on “Smart Cities” and the Future of Land Development in the United States

With so many varying opinions concerning energy use and its potential impact on a host of complex issues such as those pertaining to the environment, the economy, and the like, it has become increasingly difficult to raise the subject without provoking the ire of someone possessing an especially strong opinion on the future of energy use in the United States. …

Since the turn of the century, technology’s rapid advance has radically altered just about everything we do. As a result, industries have been forced to quickly adapt and develop innovative practices that incorporate new technologies in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Due to this continued necessity to adapt and innovate, a number of industries have turned to data analytics in order to determine ideal strategies for incorporating these newly developed technological advances. The land development industry, according to Martin J. …

Marty Stallone

Vice President at Metropolitan Management Group.

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