“My Sunshine”

With shades of amber, he looks at me
With love in heart, he wags to me
With pure affection, he licks me 
With that touching cuddle he comes to me.
Through those shades of amber, love and affection; he sees and wags, licks and cuddles to let me know how much he loves me!
Last day, I saw him with his foster father.
Was coyly seated on his hugging chest, like a little sparrow in a nest.
Looking at the lovely sparkle in his eyes,
I decided to make him the apple of my eyes.
Holding him close to my chest, 
I forgot the world and the rest.
Yesterday with him was my heyday,
and wanted him with me everyday.
Leaving behind his loving father and his friendly place; 
hoping for our kindness and love, he came with his nice memories along;
into the heart of our hearts as the sunshine of our lives. 
The Ruby of my eyes, my baby
observing, loving and wagging;
did his best to get friendly with us.
I now see him feeling my love,
laying with his half closed eyes on my lap.

His wagging tail always brings a smile on my face, as well as promises of love and care always.

-Maruthi Rakacherry (aka) Ambika Remyaa Paramesh