Why Honk till you go bonkers?

Are you a Honkaholic? Yes you are, if you have the impetus to get a boost honking unnecessarily when you drive your vehicle.

As per the Noise Control and Regulation Rules 2000 by the World Health Organization, the prescribed highest limit of noise levels for residential localities is 55 and 45 decibels (during the day and the night respectively), for silence zones the level is 50 and 40 decibels, respectively. For the industrial area, the permissible noise level is 75 and 70 and for commercial 65 and 55 decibels respectively.

Noise levels exceeding 90 decibels cause serious mental health issues, loss of hearing, increased stress levels in Animals as well as Humans.

So it is high-time to think before you honk. Did you know that most of them who have come to our Hyderabad have an opinion that we have the worst traffic sense. Yes, it is true indeed. I myself have come across many instances of rash driving, negligence with traffic signs, inability to use the apt indicator, footpath riding, jumping the red signal, and of course — excessive honking disorder. One of my Scottish friend who was in Hyderabad was terrified seeing the situation. Oh yeah, he also had an opinion that if someone could survive the Hyderabadi traffic without getting hurt, they can drive safely in any part of this world. Wow, now that is a compliment we should be really ashamed of.

Let’s now talk about the acts of Extensive Honking at Red Signals in order to satisfy our own sadistic desires and relieve our frustrations. If you are a Pedestrian waiting at a Zebra Crossing, a Cyclist, a passenger in the RTC Bus, a commuter on a Motorcycle or even a Traffic Constable; you can easily recollect and relate to the nightmares of waiting at the Signal Junctions in Hyderabad.

If you are one of those Bus/Truck/Cab driver or fiery Bike Riders, please make sure you step down to have a first hand pleasure of the experiences we have in your Honking Zones. It is time for a change and be the change for yourself as your deeds shouldn’t cause harm to other innocent inhabitants of this city.

The Times of India is running a ‘No unnecessary Honking’ campaign this week. Please see if you can comply by it and join the initiative to stand as a responsible citizen.

-Maruthi Rakacherry (aka) Ambika Remyaa Paramesh

Sources: EnvironmentalLawsOfIndia and Google images.

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