The MTech Treasure Hunt- Exploring inner detectives

When your team is working hard round the clock, a playful push is important to keep everyone motivated.

Taking inspiration from the words of Paulo Coelho, Activity team at Maruti Techlabs came up with an exciting game of treasure hunt.

“Everyone one on Earth has a treasure that awaits him”

Here’s how it went down:

Forming teams and Explaining rules

Around 5:00 pm the whole team gathered in main meeting room called the Milky Way (we have given cool names to all our rooms based on astronomy theme!!). Though everyone knew it’s a treasure hunt, the curiosity was palpable. We randomly divided the team into 4 groups — Red, Blue, Green and Pink. Each team would have to identify a particular place using clue written on colored paper. The correct place will have next clue written on same colored paper leading to next destination. The final destination was same for all the teams.

Some pretty straightforward rules -

  • Clues are present only in Maruti Techlabs offices and common facilities. Don’t barge in others office!!
  • Clues are color coded as per team names. Please pick only your team clues.
  • 10 points for each correct destination. Teams could also use lifelines to call for help on a clue — but it cost points to do so.

Obviously some members asked — “Is underground parking included or terrace or elevator?”, “Office and common facilities” would be the cryptic answer ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Treasure Hunt — 40 minute burst of energy!!

All the 4 teams got their first clue in the Milky Way to start the hunt. Some understood the clue and rushed towards their destination, while others scratching their heads for answer. The destinations were designed such that two teams would never collide. Also teams were required to show agility and intelligence as clues were difficult and placed all over the Regency Plaza building.

Some of the interesting clues were -

I lie in a closed shell where mouse can find water and a jail.
I am afraid of coming out my house becoz king’s eye is always on me.


I am the hottest one here,
Where people can find laughter and happiness.

Destination and new clue was found under the Foosball Table in Mercury room!!

Interesting Clues while playing Treasure Hunt

The scenes in the building were stunning as people were running up and down the building. For some time super-coders became cool detectives.

Treasure hunt at Maruti Techlabs

Final Clue and Winning team

Towards the end 3 teams were already looking for the final destination with final clue in their hands. Final clue was same for all the teams leading to “Foundation Message of Maruti Techlabs”. Green team proved to be winner cracking the final clue. Winners got Keychains as a small gift of appreciation for showing great enthusiasm.

It was a great team bonding exercise that helped break up office cliques by encouraging people to work with colleagues from other teams and departments and develop relationships quickly. In busy office environment, it can be difficult for employees to develop new skills. This event helped people to step into new roles as organizers, leaders, pathfinders etc. The challenge of this new experience also requires employees to think outside of the box.

But more importantly, we bonded, talked smack, and had fun exploring the place MTech members call home!