There’s a lot of virtue-signalling on the In side. “I’m not thick or racist, and for that reason, I’m voting IN!” has been a common theme throughout the EU debate.

Here I explain why voting to Leave is the intelligent, sane, and anti-racist vote.


Research has consistently shown that intelligence is positively correlated with socially and economically liberal beliefs

But The Banks and Big Business are for Remain! They are indeed. Their goal is simply to maximise profit for themselves, not the country or humanity. Most free market intellectuals are for Leave, such as the Adam Smith Institute & the Institute of Economic Affairs


A points-based system giving giving fair favour to those from Africa & Asia instead of giving strong preference to those who happen to be a member of a European Club is the truly anti-racist immigration policy.

Yes, we may have more of the lazy racist vote on the Leave side, however the more discerning racist would vote to maintain the strong preference for immigration from white European countries, over African & Asian countries.

Lunatics & radicals

OK, yes, we do have their vote. What sort of self-respecting radical would vote for the status quo? Like a stopped clock that’s right twice a day, here’s the Socialist Worker asserting that the EU is racist, and beyond reform.
All I can do here is wheel out the phrase that a definition of crazy is doing the same thing over and over and expecting the same result.

The EU has shown, and its leaders explained time & time again that they can’t bend the direction of the EU to suit the UK. However much we want to. Like it or lump it.

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