How to make shit happen, through self-doubt

The hardest part of doing the things you want to is getting out of your way. Worry about what might go wrong freezes people into inaction.

That’s normal.

Doing cool shit doesn’t take a lifetime of making bold decisions, just bold decisions at moments. Moments that you can reflect back on and call key moments.

Clearing my mind helps me make decisions more aligned with my values (App for that). Having an abundance mindset (Article for that) helps me navigate the other side of a tough decision and living in the present (Focusing on what I can control) keeps me chugging along.

This mindset stuff is ebbing and flowing.

Some days I’m on it. Other days I’m under it. When I’m on it’ the focus is on what I need to do today. The future is the future. As long as ‘I’m here’ there will be a future for me. The actions I take in the present help carve the future out.

How’s that translate to my business?

For starters, it means being in the present. Worrying less about where my next client comes from. Focusing on delivering for my client today. The biggest hurdle was the first-getting started by making the small investment to incorporate my organization. I worried about not succeeding before even starting. And that kept me from starting for months.

Lesson: You are more than capable. Silence the self-doubt for a moment, make the call. And commit to making it happen. Just do it.

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