I wonder what it’s like to be on the other side of the gate

To be at the best Universities, the best companies, on the other side of the fence.

When I look around the kids that sport University of Pennsylvania, Harvard, Yale and Stanford are the kids that take all the cookies.

Immediate social credibility is afforded them.

Being at any of those places is a golden ticket in America. Immediate social trust. In fact, my mentee wrote an email to a well known startup founder for a conversation about roles and the founder’s response was as straightforward as:

“One thing we filter for pretty strictly is demonstrations of drive and exceptional intellectual achievement — fancy schools, high grades, hugely difficult projects. I’m afraid I don’t see that here.”

Like my, my mentee is a serial public schooler. He’s bright, talented, compassionate and probably the most thoughtful person I know.

Life on this side of the fence has me wondering what the other side is like.

Not in an envious and plotting way. More just out of curiosity. When you have the brand, the endowment, the alumni, the organization — all of that rooting for you.

What does that feel like? Should I want it?

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