Seasons Greetings

Sike, it ain’t Christmas. But I did want to greet you and summer is a season — wala! we’re here :)

I get really giggidy when folks I know do shit.

Quick shoutouts

  • Michelle Ortega is diving in to share her lived experience jolting corporate NYC Advertising life and moving off to the sandy beaches of Los Angeles. I got to meet her earlier this year when I was in Los Angeles for a gathering con my friend Tiffany Yu. She’s bomb and her brain is full of gold gems. Her stories are fun and her character just makes you want to ask how can I help. I love that she tells us it took her 9 months to create her first post and publish it. She’s going to be a fun one to follow:
  • Annet David does daily updates of the world around her — global/domestic policy analysis that’s really bite-sized edible and fun content. I thought her piece on North Koreas learnings from the [US] toppling of Gaddafi was spot on. DC is in my rearview, but if we’re ever going to move the ball forward the country is going to need to start listening to people outside of DC and outside of the game. I met Annet years ago when I was a college freshman wildly in loooove with a kickass friend of hers. These tidbits she’s dropping (and another super kind friend of hers, Salma!!) have her back on my radar and I’m loving the learning. Annet’s chopping up global events and we should eat it up:
  • Maryam Mir’s creative writing is egggcellent. If you grew up/spent time in New York you’ll really appreciate the way she describes one mornings subway experience. I’m in Beijing at the moment, but I read this on the Beijing metro and closing my eyes I felt transported right back home — riding the 1 train once again back uptown or the Q into the city on a hazy wintery morning. She doesn’t shy away from her natural experience. And that’s thrilling. When you read Maryam’s writing, you’re participating in her world. Take a journey with her:

An ounce of good

There’s a ton you could be giving your money to. Consider this project that’s going to help Mongolia’s 25 year old democracy crush the future with a globally-educated cadre of top Mongolian scholars. I’ve been able to spend some time with the founder, who is an incredible human being and super thoughtful person. Some friends and I have put in $135 collectively over the last 42 hours. Shout if you contribute. It’s not much, but I’d love to track how much we can do.


It’s 2am in Beijing and reading Michelle Ortega and chatting with Doug Cormley/MCK today about marketing their brands/businesses has me really eager to check in. I LOVE creating. I want to do it more. I want my friends to do it. I want us to grow/crush it/get excited. Let’s do cool/fun things together. Let’s make an ounce of good together. Or maybe we just make each other smile.

Shout if there’s anything I can do to help, or maybe you want to chat.