Disquiet Advocacy

Clinton rhapsodized the willfully ignorant and forgot the eulogy.

For Hillary to say that Nancy Reagan deserves any modicum of credit for opening the door in funding research and response to HIV/AIDS on a basis of quiet advocacy is to say Hillary Clinton deserves credit for better living conditions for the exploitation of child labor in China with her not so quiet advocacy in her highly lauded UN Human Rights speech.

“ — both President and Mrs. Reagan — in particular, Mrs. Reagan — started a national conversation [about HIV/AIDS] before nobody would talk about it. Nobody wanted anything to do with it.” — Hillary Clinton, on Nancy Reagan (MSNBC, 2016)

We must not forget nearly an entire generation of many of Nancy and her husbands friends and colleagues died or were deeply affected by their negligence and ultimate inertia to a crisis they willfully ignored in a purely political appeal to their Conservative base.

Public figures live in the wake of their legacy and one’s impact on their constituents, and by extension, the communities they represent. Speaking ill of the public figure is not speaking ill of the dead. It’s speaking to the ills of modern society plagued by the living memory of their administration and the manner in which it should be commemorated for those who found themselves on the wrong side of history.

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