The world continue to experience the glory and great move of God happening at the Miracle Center Cathedral in the 2nd wave of the 77 days of the glory of God.
More testimonies and miracles continue to manifest like it has never been on this planet.
People continue to flock at miracle centre cathedral for revival and keep in the service all through the night till morning sipping on the power and being filled of the holygost.
A great number of people continue to give their lives to Jesus and recommite to Jesus.

More to that the second wave has also touched the lives of many young people of uganda.Every sartuday afternoon of the 77 Days of Glory Pastor Robert Kayanja meets the young people ,talks to

Multitudes of young people outside miracle centre cathedral

Them and also pray to them and get filled by the holyspirit.These youth meetings have on record shown to be the greatest event that have collected a great number of people for an event in uganda.

Pastor Robert Kayanja preaches to the young people

Many youth have got saved and accepted Jesus as their personal savior and many and being filled with the holyspirit and ready to serve Jesus.
On top of that Miracles continue to happen every single Day in these 77 Days of Glory.

A man jumping after receiving his legs back by the power of the holy gost

Jean-Pierre a reverend’s son who had been using and abusing drugs; cocaine name it, Despite of his family interventions.

Jean testifying

He had been coming for the 77days of glory revival meetings and staying at church most of the time.
One of the nights, the Holy Spirit touched him and he surrendered the drugs he had been using for over the past 5years.

Pastor Robert Kayanja listening to jean testimony

Junior aka Cobra (former kifeesi thug)? Well, last night, a brother in Christ, Mr. Kasango and his wife gave him a car only a couple of months after he gave his life to Christ and got off the streets.

Cobra in black huging Mr. Kalyango

The transformation happening right before our eyes, only Jesus can make happen.

Cobra celebrating his car

Concy’s mother and sister had been very sick and weak, suffering from HIV.

Concy testifying

When Concy gave her life to Christ after watching channel44, she introduced this same Jesus to her family that was back home in her village. As a teacher, their sickness has been draining her financially and she was trusting God for their healing.

Pastor Robert Kayanja testing Concy sister’s eyes

As they watched channel44, the glory of God filled their house and the power of God touched them. The mother who was suffering from arthritis and couldn’t walk with ease, could all of a sudden walk around on her own with freedom. Her and Concy’s sister also had eye defects that made them have to wear spects, but when the Glory fell, their eyes were healed as well.

Fred an army officer in the ugandan army came suffering with a very swollen leg which made him unable to walk.

Fred testifying

Due to marital issues, his house had been given by court order to his wife and he had spent all his money on treatment of his sickness. He literally sold off all his posessions.
After prayer, Fred began to walk and celebrate his miracle. Then people began to bring him different gifts and Pastor Robert Kayanja got him free house hold appliances and some furniture from our store.

Fred celebrating his household gifts from Pastor Kayanja

When Jesus comes around, He makes all the difference.

Fred giving his kife to Jesus