Pastor Robert Kayanja with mercy a girl who had been crippled for some good time but after prayer, she got completely healed by the power of the Holygost

However, as it is written: “What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no human mind has conceived” — the things God has prepared for those who love him- (1 corithians 2:9)
This scripture is really coming to life basing on what is really happening at Miracle centre cathedral with pastor Robert Kayanja.
The 77 Days of Glory,praise,worship,healing,transformation,revival has never been anywhere in uganda,Africa or even around the world.
77 Days Of Glory was a direct instruction from God to pastor Robert Kayanja after he had traversed the wholeworld in over 80 nations and particularly in Uganda in almost all the districts with 49 Mega miracle crusades on which God had instructed Him 50 Miracle crusades in uganda. After the 49th Kyankwanzi Mega Miracle Crusade in Kyankwanzi district,God instructed Pastor Robert Kayanja to have 77 Days of Glory,praise and worship at Miracle centre cathedral awaiting the 50th Miracle Crusade. But ever since the 77 Days of Glory kicked off at Miracle Centre Cathedral there has been a tremedous move of Gods’ hand among HIS people.
It is in these #77DOGs where we have seen a greastest number of people,first and foremost giving their lives to Jesus.

Young and old giving their lives to Jesus

A moslem man testto Jesua acter giving his lice to Jesus

On a daily basis Miracle Centre cathedral has been receiving over 300 new converts giving their lives to Jesus and ahundreds recommiting to Jesus.

A former moslem woman testifying before Jesus after giving her life to Jesus

These figures are the most registered number of new converts in a service on a daily basis,probably anywhere around the world. This is a tremedous loss in the devils camp. Such a Pentecostal revival has never been seen anywhere in this century.
On top of that,th77 Days of Glory services have broken record and made history as the only services where the congregation get into the service in the evening of one day and leaving late in the morning of the following day on a daily basis as numbers keep increasing every single day.
The 77 Days of Glory Revival have not left anyone the same.

Pastor Robert Kayanja in the presence of the lord

The young,old,youth and all sort of ethinicity are all being revived in these glorious days of revival.

An old man worshipping Jesus

A young girl in the presence of God

The presence o the holyspirit that has not left people the same.Being filled with the spirit of God is always the climax if these services.

The congregation that attends the 77DOGs daily

The power of God can’t leave many standing

Miracles signs and wonders can’t stop happening in the #77DOGs.
Healing is all over the place,creation miracles of new sights,legs,limbs,families and organs.

Pastor Robert Kayanja checking the crippled woman before praying for her

A lady rejoice after the power of God had healed her

The joy of healing

A lady responding to a hearing test by pastor Robert Kayanja after deliverance from deafness

An old man walking by him self without a walker acter being healed by the power of God

A lady testing her back after deliverance

Pastor Robert kayanja praying for a blind girl

Positive response crom the girl after prayer

And the numbers are quite incredible in these 77 days of Glory,spirit filling Revival.

Miracle Centre cathedral filled beyond capacity

Just imagine an Auditorium of 20,000 seater getting filled beyond capacity with all the walk ways in the church full of people with no access in or out during the services .

And outside the Auditorium plus the parking lot filled with people. This clearly shows the move of God at miracle centre cathedral.

People outside miracle centre cathedral watching the service live on giant screens.

The move of God amongst HIS people is undeniable.
Mr. Thomas Mutesasira used to be a parish priest and is still in charge of security on the local council of his home area of Kibibi. Because of his attachment to religion, he used to send his children away from home because they were born again.
In the course of time, Mr. Mutesasira (67 years old) developed blindness and had an accident which condemned him to lameness. He hasn’t been able to walk without the aid of crutches or some kind of support.
However, last night, Thomas Mutesasira encountered the power of our Lord, Jesus Christ. He testified on the platform after prayer that all his pain is gone and he can see clearly.

Mr Mutesasira picking up money as a sign of his clear sight

Mr. Mutesasira (again, 67years old) was dancing and jumping in testimony of what the Lord has done in his life. The celebration was simply contagious.

Mr. Mutesasira rejoicing

He gave his life to Christ and is now born again as well and is walking with Him.
Also Sylvia from Kasese District has been born again and serving the Lord for the past 31years. However, Sylvia has been HIV+ during that whole time.
She has had to preach about a healing Jesus all the while being sick herself. But she didn’t lose her faith for a miracle. 31years, she’s waited,Sylvia came with her HIV+ result slip for last Friday’s overnight service,

Both Results slips help by Pastor Robert Kayanja

believing God for her miracle. After the service, she went to St. Paul clinic, Mutungo, for another HIV test. To her pleasant surprise, the results were negative!!!
Sylvia brought both reports glorifying Jesus last night at the revival.

Sylvia testifies her healing in Jesus Name

We give God all the glory and praise for the powerful things he has done.
May you receive miracles that have eluded you for long. May they search you out, pursue and hunt you down in Jesus’ mighty name.
Non the less, Miracles are not for only grown up people,because even young kids are receiving their miracles too in these 77DOGs Revival.

Atutaka Grace Favor (7 years old) in the picture above,had a seemingly slight accident on a walk way which caused one of her veins in her leg to rapture, severely affecting the nerves around that area.
This meant Favor couldn’t walk without crutches and had to constantly be in agonizing pain.
When her parents brought her to the revival service at the Miracle Center Cathedral on Saturday night, they were ‘desperate’ for a miracle. And with their faith, the Holy Spirit came through and touched Favor.

Favor carrying wat used to help her walk,ashaming the devil and giving the God of Pr. ROBERT kayanja the Glory

All the pain she was feeling literally disappeared during prayer! She can now walk without the use of crutches for the 1st time since she had the accident.
The walkers,craches,Moslem caps and all that doctors give to patients to help them walk,sit,hold their broken backs and necks are all now hunged on the Miracle Center Cathedral Pulpit to ashame the devil and also show what God is doing in the lives of different people who attend the 77DOGs and watch channel 44, stream live on facebook and youtube.

On top of all that in these 77 days of glory we see people come out lead by the holyspirit to confess of their false accusations they had done on Pastor Robert Kayanja ten years ago.
The truth may go slow…But it will arrive one day. Brenda Kasibo came to the
#77DOGs revival service at Miracle Centre Cathedral and made a shocking confession about a story that had run about Pastor Robert Kayanja in 2006 regarding the “wine smuggling saga”, where smugglers had connived with the security at my building site in Bunga-Kawukku to use his house as a conduit for this contraband. While the media had a field day and the nation read and possibly believed a lie, his Family, the Church had to stand up to ridicule, despise and pain. And yesterday was the day. Please watch this clip and see what the Holy Spirit of God is upto at the 77 Days of Glory. Check the confession here
Thank You to those who believed and stood with Pastor Robert Kayanja in those testing times.

Mr Kasule asking for forgiveness from Pastor Robert Kayanja

After watching the confession of sister Brenda Kasibo on Channel 44 TV the other night,another person by the names of Mr. Kasule asked his wife, who has been coming for the revival services, to bring him as well so he can confess his sin and be delivered. (1John 1:9)
Kasule stole money from pastor Kalooli, his cousin (a then associate pastor in the ministry), that was meant to pay for a lunch hour fellowship venue, over 20years ago. This has since then haunted him and caused so much regression in his life until last night.

Pastor Robert Kayanja Embracing Mr. Kasule after his confession

He came, confessed his wrong and was immediately healed of a lung sickness that had plagued him for a very long time.

Mr kasule climbing the stairs onto the pulpit after his healing

He could climb up and down the stairs painlessly, which had been a struggle just moments earlier.

Therefore,you also better get on the wagon.This is revival time. Your miracles written on your name awaits you these 77 Days of REVIVAL.
Follow live broadcasts of 77DOGs of revival on Robert Kayanja Ministries facebook page or visit Rubaga Miracle Centre Cathedral every evening at 6pm or watch live on Channel44[miracle tv] or o. YouTube.

Marvin .M